The opening ceremony of the Games in 2014. Who will light Olympic ogon. Talisman Sochi Olympics

√имн ќлимпиады в —очи 2014 года.
Hymn of the Sochi Olympics in 2014.
Hymne der Olympischen Spiele in Sotschi im Jahr 2014.
Himno de los Juegos Olimpicos de Sochi en 2014.
√≥мн ќл≥мп≥ади в —оч≥ 2014 року.
Hymn af Sochi OL i 2014.
Inno delle Olimpiadi di Sochi nel 2014.
Hino dos Jogos Olimpicos de Sochi, em 2014.
Virsi Sotshin olympialaiset 2014.
Hymn for Sotji-OS 2014.

The opening ceremony of the Games in 2014. Who will light Olympic ogon. Talisman Sochi Olympics

How will the Olympics opening ceremony? As to what the writers come up with chips for the opening ceremony in 2014, now runs a lot of rumors. For example, say that the Olympic flame will light the ... space! Olympic officials have allegedly tasked Roskosmos find a way to bring fire into orbit. True or not, we will know until the evening of February 7, 2014, when the stadium "Fisht" in Sochi Olympic Park will launch. Originally it was planned that the main arena of the Games will resemble Faberge Easter egg, but eventually approved the project, which uses the image of a mountain peak. The stadium offers a beautiful view of the mountains of the Greater Caucasus, one of the vertices - Fisht - and gave the name of the arena. The opening ceremony of the Games in 2014. Who will light Olympic ogon Here, at the Olympic Stadium on 23 February will be the closing ceremony of the Games. In Sochi 2014 organizing committee promises that it will be no less touching than the close of the Moscow Olympics 80.Kto will light the Olympic flame? According to legend, the mountain Fisht chained Prometheus, who stole fire from them and gave it to people. Who will present the world the Olympic flame to "Fisht" still a mystery. Likely to act in the role of Prometheus main star of the Games-2014 - Evgeny Plushenko. Incidentally, the Olympic torch relay will be held in Sochi, not the shortest way: overcoming all nine time zones in Russia, it will rise to Elbrus and dive to the bottom of Lake Baikal. And that's not counting the alleged flight into space! Who will be the mascot of the Games? In Sochi Olympics - just three mascots: leopard, polar bear and bunny. Since the bear is clear - it is clearly a descendant of the Olympic Bears 80. Bunny - a gift to women. Not quite clear choice in favor of the Leopard, who also won the vote of the expert jury. As soon as Russia won the right to host the Olympics, it was decided to revive the population of these animals from Iran and Turkmenistan have delivered four leopards, which, as everyone hopes, will give offspring. See the living symbol of the Games-2014 can be in Sochi National Park, which is located on the road to Krasnaya Polyana, the Center for Rehabilitation and Breeding leopard.

Where will be the Plushenko? Where Russia with Ovechkin will fight Canada with Crosby? Where perform Zaitsev and Einar? Where promchatsya Demchenko and teeth? Where to look for Sharapova and Kafelnikov? New Olympic discipline in Sochi.

Where will serve Plushenko. At the Games in 2014 skaters will compete in the Ice Palace at 12,000. Learn it from other stadium in the Olympic Park skating fans will be simple: the facade of the palace will follow the trajectory of the athlete during the execution of a triple toe loop. It is clear that the main star of the skaters will be Evgeni Plushenko, who already has three Olympic medals: gold in Turin 2006, silver Vancouver 2010 and Salt Lake City 2002. At the last European Championships Evgeni Plushenko returned to the sport after a break. Apprentice coach Mishin once again proved that he is the best, beating rivals on one leg: Plushenko damaged meniscus in his left knee. Where Russia with Ovechkin will fight Canada with Crosby. The original idea with easter egg, architects have realized the design of the Grand Ice Olympic arena, where he will hold all their matches Russian hockey team in 2014. It is said that at the Winter Olympics in Sochi importantly - to win the hockey tournament. In addition to Alexander Ovechkin and the team has yet to take revenge for the defeat at the Olympics in Vancouver, the Canadians with Sidney Crosby dared Russian hokeistov and decided the quarterfinals in the first period. The best time for this match - February 23. There are circumstances that may interfere with the meeting. in the NHL, where they play almost all the hockey stars, still hesitate to interrupt the championship for the Olympics. Second, Sidney Crosby can not play the game just to Sochi - he is suffering from the effects of multiple concussions. Where will run and shoot Zaitsev and Einar. King of the biathlon, a six-time Olympic champion, world champion shestnadtsatikratny Norwegian Ole Einar Bjoerndalen already headed for Sochi. We look forward to leading our team Olga Zaitseva. Last year, Bunny, as it is called athlete fans, the emotions almost goodbye to the sport. This season, Olga Zaitseva regularly runs on a pedestal. In contrast to the figure skaters and hockey players, masters of biathlon will not act in Sochi in the coastal and mountain cluster in Olympic biathlon stadium located in Krasnaya Polyana. Where promchatsya Demchenko and Zubkov. Borndalenom in 2014 will be 40, but he will be the oldest participant in the Olympic Games. Our luger Albert Demchenko, vice-champion of the 2006 Olympics, where the 41 set to go on their seventh game. It is possible that will go to Sochi and Victoria Demchenko, also with success rides on a sleigh. Family Where will be the Plushenko? Where Russia with Ovechkin will fight Canada with Crosby? Where perform Zaitsev and Einar? Where promchatsya Demchenko and teeth? Where to look for Sharapova and Kafelnikov? New Olympic discipline in Sochi Demchenko can become not only the tandem of parents and children at the Games: the daughter of world champion bobsled Alexander Zubkov Lisa - also sanochnitsa and also go to the Olympic competition in Sochi. Competitions on the sled and bobsled will be held in the mountain cluster on the track titled "Sled." Where roll down skiers. Ski resort in Krasnaya Polyana. Once there was a farm Estonian Adula Roos. Over time, the area and began to call - Rose Farm. Now here's luxury hotels, 21 highway, 8 lifts (will be 35). Designed by renowned architect Bernard route Russi - "Ski Picasso." What new disciplines will be in Sochi. Evgeni Plushenko at the Olympics in 2014 can double climb the top step of the podium: the White Olympiad program includes 6 new disciplines, including team events in figure skating. A good chance to win the Russians and mixed relay in biathlon: it will run in the team, two men and two women. Favorites in other new types of competitions are foreigners: a toboggan relay - Germans in slopestyle and ski halfpipe - North Americans, in ski jumping from the springboard for women - Scandinavian. Where to live in Sochi? Football fans need to decide what sports he was more interested. If hockey, figure skating, short track speed skating, curling and skating, it is better to settle near the sea. If biathlon, sledge and bobsleigh, downhill and cross-country skiing, then welcome to the mountains. Hotels and in the coastal and mountain clusters built many, there is the private sector. Getting to the Olympic Park? The new airport has been built in Sochi, will soon be extended to the railroad and built expressways. But most of all impressions can be obtained if to get from Sochi to the Olympic Park by water - there will sail sea taxi. Live during the competition will be on the water - Sochi marina can accept as many as 500 yachts. Where Schumacher will drive from Vettel. If Michael Schumacher and Vitaly Petrov will not leave the "Formula 1" to the Games in Sochi 2014goda, after two years they and world champion Sebastian Vettel, Lewis Hamilton, Jason Button and Fernando Alonso, who can be seen at the "Grand Prix of Russia ". Speedway will be on the Olympic Park. The first ever race cars, "Formula 1" will be held in Sochi in the autumn of 2014. Where to look for Sharapova and Kafelnikov? Games - in 2014 - the first to be held in the subtropics. Prior to obtain the right to host the Olympics, the city was known for its tennis players. Here was born Olympic champion Yevgeny Kafelnikov, here - studied Maria Sharapova. Now Joe and Mary - after the Sochi Olympics and the Games they will surely come to the city of Sochi.

How to become a volunteer at the Olympic Games in Sochi

The Olympic Games in Sochi will be selected on a competitive basis, the order of 25 000 volunteers (volunteers) for their organization and conduct. Official selection of volunteers for the Olympic and Paralympic Games in Sochi will start in February 2012. Ezhe now Organizing Committee "Sochi 2014" there are dozens of letters from people from all corners of the world who dream to take part in volunteering. All letters to the organizing committee includes one question: "How do I become a volunteer at the Olympics in Sochi"? Organizers promise: everyone who wants to, regardless of their profession or nationality, will be able to take part in the competition. To volunteer can people who at the beginning of 2014 will be more than 18 and not more than 85. At the Olympic Games in Sochi is expected influx of visitors from China and Korea, and if that's what you own respective languages, you can say, is a volunteer. But the knowledge of languages ??- this is only a fraction of the Sochi desired volunteering. A list of volunteer activities is very broad. Here are just a few: transport, How to become a volunteer at the Olympic Games in Sochi medicine, drug test, linguistic services, technology, ceremonies, communications and media, service delegations and teams, protocol, administration and accreditation, service, maintenance activities and work with the audience, Paralympic specifics. For their volunteer activities you get uniforms, exclusive souvenirs, free rides on the Olympic Sochi and tickets to the most exciting competitions that can visit at leisure. Terms of volunteerism is very comfortable, but do not forget that volunteering at Olmpiade and Paralympic Games in Sochi will last 3 months. At the same time, some volunteers may experience psychological difficulties. If you are sure of your stress, then everything is fine. Become a volunteer in Sochi can. Soon it will be possible to submit form to the Competition Commission. Volunteer Centres will start working from the middle of the year. The selection of candidates and the mandatory training of volunteers will take place in 2012 - 2013 years. During training, volunteer teams will participate in the preparation and conduct of test events. After filling in the questionnaire of the candidate, depending on the chosen field of volunteer activities and the place of residence, your application will fall for consideration in one of 26 volunteer centers. Within a few days you will receive a confirmation that registered as a candidate for the volunteers. And then the e-mail comes an invitation to take part in selection interviews. At the Olympic Games in Sochi will go only by volunteers who successfully pass the course and agree to work for the Olympic or Paralympic Games at least 13 shifts.